Bella Vida Instant BBL™ FAQs

  1. What can I expect overall with the Bella Vida Instant BBL?

The whole process starts with a consultation with our injectors Brittney Johnson or Hailey Yanez, trained by the “Booty Queen” and creator of the Bella Vida Instant BBL, Iani Silveria. During which she will discuss with you your individual goals and determine if the Bella Vida Instant BBL™ is right for you. If so, she will then develop a customized treatment plan to deliver the results you desire that are also suitable for your individual frame and shape. Once the right amount of syringes and sessions are determined, Brittney will prep the treatment area the day of your procedure, mark the injection sites, and administer the product. For best results, a minimum of two to three sessions are typically recommended. Additional sessions can be performed if deemed appropriate to further enhance your results.

  1. How long do the results of a Bella Vida Instant BBL last?

Although results typically last about two years for most people, that can vary from person to person based on your body’s individual metabolic rate, lifestyle factors, certain medical conditions, and subsequent weight gain or loss. Radiesse has a general duration of two to five years in the body with the aesthetic result itself lasting up to 24 months (gradually wearing off after that). Results can be maintained with touch-up appointments if you choose to do so. 

  1. Is a consultation really necessary, or can I just book an appointment for my treatment?

A consultation prior to treatment is required for every patient to make absolutely sure it’s right for you. You don’t buy a car without a test drive first, do you? At your consultation, we’ll discuss your medical history and provide all the information you need before the procedure. If, for some reason, you can’t come see us in person, we may offer the option for a virtual consultation. Once approved for the treatment and you give us the green light to proceed, a non-refundable 50% deposit will be collected and your treatment date scheduled. You will pay the remaining 50% prior to treatment on your scheduled date.

  1. What product is used for the Bella Vida Instant BBL? 

We use FDA-approved Radiesse®, a volumizing dermal filler that also yields certain biostimulatory benefits. What that means is that Radiesse not only creates instant volume for beautiful buttocks enhancement, but it also works to stimulate your natural collagen production over the course of about three to six months. It’s that wonderful attribute that helps Radiesse improve your skin’s appearance and quality by addressing concerns such as stretch marks, dimples, and other irregularities in addition to that gorgeous plumping effect.

  1. How many syringes will I need for best results? 

Because the Bella Vida Instant BBL is a highly individualized treatment (not to mention no two butts are the same), a private, concierge consultation with Iani is the only way to determine the exact amount of syringes you will need. We offer both half and full BBL treatment options. Obviously, the more product that’s used, the more volume we can achieve. Iani will help you determine which one is best for you at your concierge consultation.

  1. What can I expect post-treatment from the Bella Vida Instant BBL? 

Our complete post care guide is available at for your convenience. The main points at a glance are: no exercise for one week (tell your gym buddies we said it’s okay), avoid hot tub/jacuzzi/saunas/pools for one week, and refrain from sitting or lying directly on the treatment area for at least 24 hours. We also encourage walking and low-impact movement following your treatment. 

  1. Is the butt the only area that can be treated?

While the butt is the main focus for this treatment, Iani can also inject the hips to smooth, add volume, and correct unwanted indentions (often referred to as “hip dips”). 

  1. How much does the Bella Vida Instant BBL cost?

Our half treatment starts out at $5500. That typically includes 10 syringes. The full treatment starts out at $9500. That typically includes 20 syringes and one touch-up session. From time to time, we offer special promotions on this popular treatment among our other offerings throughout the year. We will discuss what’s available to you along those lines at your consultation.

  1. Is there an option for financing or payment plans with this treatment? 

Currently, we do not offer payment plans or special financing, but we hope to provide those services in the future at some point soon.

  1. Are there any side effects with Radiesse injections? 

Common side effects from the Bella Vida Instant BBL injections may include redness, bruising, swelling, itching, and pain at the site of injections. These are temporary and generally mild in nature.

  1. Does Radiesse have any long-term effects in the body? 

Since Radiesse is a calcium-based substance, the microspheres in the product can appear in X-rays and CT scans. Although this is totally normal, it’s still important to let your health care provider know that you have had Radiesse injections. To learn more about Radiesse and its associated clinical studies, visit

  1. Will Radiesse dissolve in the body? 

Because Radiesse is classified as a “semi-permanent filler,” it must be metabolized on its own. That means your body will break down the product over time (not dissolve it), leaving your own collagen in its place. Just know this new collagen will eventually diminish as well, as is a natural part of aging. 

13.Will my skin look stretched out or deflated when the results wear off? 

No. Since Radiesse is a biostimulator and promotes collagen production in the body, the results will eventually wear off as the collagen naturally declines just as it does with the normal aging process. Even if you choose not to maintain your results with touch-up treatments, you can rest assured it will NOT look like someone let the air out of your booty when your results have worn off. 

  1. Will I be drowsy after my treatment and need a driver? 

The Bella Vida Instant BBL is performed under local anesthetic medication to help maximize comfort. No general anesthesia is needed, so you won’t be put to sleep. We also offer the option for oral medication to help you relax even more if you so choose, though not required. Even though you’re not drowsy as you would be with general anesthesia, we still recommend that patients not drive for 48 hours after their procedure. That’s to avoid sitting on the treatment area and interfering with results. So make sure you have transportation home arranged the day of your treatment, especially if medication is administered. 

  1. Is the Bella Vida Instant BBL safe? 

While Iani designed this treatment to be as safe and well tolerated as possible, it’s still a medical procedure that comes with risks…just as all aesthetics treatments do. Different people react to treatments in different ways. Your best bet to reduce the potential for risks is to always elect treatment from a licensed medical professional with the right training, skills, and proven techniques – like Iani! Though rare, some risks associated with dermal filler injections may include hypersensitivity to the product, small areas of inflammation (granuloma), lumps or other irregularities, inadvertent injection into a blood vessel, infection, and tissue damage. 

  1. Is there anyone who is NOT a candidate for the Bella Vida Instant BBL?

While there aren’t a ton of restrictions for this treatment, it’s still not for everybody. Those who may not be candidates include: 

  • Women who are pregnant or nursing. 
  • People who are post-surgical BBL (must wait at least six months for additional treatment). 
  • Anyone currently undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment for cancer or any other immunosuppressive treatments. 
  • Those with previous history of silicone injections to the treatment area, or any other injections, such as Hydrojelly or Hydrogel. We only use FDA-approved injections at Bella Vida Aesthetics & Wellness. 
  • People who have a rash or skin infection at the treatment site. Those will need to be completely healed prior to treatment.

If you have any lingering questions that have not been answered here, we invite you to book your private concierge consultation with Iani today. Visit us at for our booking link, or to view our full-service menu, treatment prices, and much more. 

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